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[Sharing Session] How to use Alibaba to get more customer information

Views : 444 Update time : 2020-08-21

In order to further improve employees' business capabilities, enrich theoretical knowledge, broaden employees' cognitive horizons, and enhance their own temperament and self-cultivation, since 2020, Hightop Group has carried out a weekly "enabling sharing session" activity.

The progress of every company does not rely on individual heroism. The development and growth of a company cannot do without teamwork and the cohesion of employees. Every week an employee comes to the stage to share his work experience and experience, which is a kind of affirmation for himself and other employees. A good learning opportunity.

This weeks sharing theme: Alibaba in my eyes; shared by Mike

Mike first showed you the search ranking of Hitop Machinery's mini excavator on the Ali platform, analyzed the reasons for the ranking decline and the issues that everyone should pay attention to when releasing products in the future, and described in detail the keyword ranking of Ali platform Algorithm rules, and how to use rules to increase product exposure and visits; secondly, I gave you a detailed introduction to the operating specifications and precautions of Ali's back office; finally, I showed you a successful case of a hardware accessories dealer.

More than 40 people from the Construction Machinery Department, Packaging Machinery Department, Construction Machinery Department, Spraying Machinery Department, and Cross-border E-commerce Department of Haituo Machinery Group participated in this conference. Everyone learned about the Alibaba to varying degrees.