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Four 1.8-ton excavators sent to Europe

Views : 70 Update time : 2021-01-11

On January 8, four 1.8-ton mini excavators were installed in the Hightop Group Industrial Park and will be shipped to Europe soon. At present, Hitop Group's excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, etc.

The model of the mini excavator shipped this time is HT18. This is a compact excavator. These 4 1 ton mini excavators are special models customized by customers. The body is small and flexible, with 360° tailless rotation. Equipped with K rubber crawler retractable chassis, the front window can be opened and closed, and any accessories of the excavator can be easily replaced.

Export of 1.8 ton excavator heater:

1. Temperature regulation The purpose of temperature regulation is to keep the air in the cab at an appropriate temperature. For room temperature, it is generally suitable to keep it at 25-27℃ in summer and 18-20℃ in winter.

2. Temperature adjustment can only be achieved by air flow. Therefore, the airflow adjustment in the air conditioner cannot be ignored. The adjustment and distribution of airflow directly affect the use of air conditioning systems.

3. There are different degrees of harmful gases and dust in the air, which can easily enter the trachea, lungs and other organs with human breathing. This dust usually carries bacteria and spreads various diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary to filter the air in the air conditioning process. Purification methods include: ventilation, filtration, adsorption, absorption, etc.