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Design and simulation of self-propelled anti-rollover for mountain orchard of crawler transporter

Views : 166 Update time : 2021-06-07

In order to adapt to the transportation characteristics of the mountain orchard road environment, according to the walking characteristics of the crawler truck, the overall design requirements of the mountain orchard crawler truck based on improving the anti-rollover performance are proposed. On the basis of completing the design of each assembly, with the goal of improving the anti-rollover performance of the transporter, the anti-rollover design of the overall layout of the mountain orchard crawler transporter was completed. A three-dimensional solid model of the whole vehicle was established and simulated, and the results met the design requirements and shortened the design cycle.

The proportion of fruit in the agricultural output value of our country is increasing, but the mechanization of fruit production is obviously lagging behind, especially in orchard transportation. For example, 90% of citrus fruits in my country are planted in hilly and mountainous areas with complex terrain. However, the transportation of fruits and agricultural materials during the planting and harvesting process is still dominated by human transportation, with low production efficiency and high labor intensity. The traditional wheeled agricultural transport vehicle lacks the specificity of the terrain.

At present, foreign agricultural transport vehicles can be basically divided into Japanese and Korean models, Italian-German models, British-French models and American-Canada models.

The geographical environment of Japan and South Korea is mainly mountainous, and the scale of farming is not large, making self-propelled crawler and wheeled small transport vehicles popular. The terrain of Italy and Germany is characterized by hilly and mountainous areas, but mainly farm management, mainly using independent agricultural transport vehicles and agricultural tractor deformation transport vehicles. The geographical environment of many European countries such as Britain and France.