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What are the advantages of smashing tongs for digging machine accessories

Views : 66 Update time : 2021-09-14

Digging machine accessories crushing tongs are now widely used in the demolition industry. It is widely used in the demolition of buildings, beams and columns of factory buildings, and residential buildings, steel bar recycling, and concrete crushing. The working efficiency of the crushing tongs is two to three times that of the breaking hammer, and it can complete a series of operations well. It requires the connection and intelligence of the quality crushing tongs. So what are its advantages? Let's take a look.

1. Crushing tongs can greatly reduce labor input, high efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce safety risks. It can make up for the deficiencies of other machines in certain aspects, and can reduce construction noise and vibration during demolition engineering events. Demolition or stripping work with certain requirements or high standards can ensure high accuracy;

 2. The installation principle of the crusher is roughly the same as that of the hydraulic breaker. It is necessary to connect the pin hole of the hydraulic crusher to the pin hole of the front end of the excavator, and then connect the pipeline on the excavator and the hydraulic crusher. Soon After the installation is completed, the crushing operation can be carried out;

 3. The design of the oil circuit of the pulverizer should not only improve the working efficiency of the cylinder, but also facilitate the disassembly and maintenance. The oil circuit of the pulverizer can be used in common with the breaker, which can realize multiple functions of an excavator; Secondly, the oil tank of the crushing tongs and other key links need to be equipped with protective devices to prevent the reinforced concrete from splashing on the oil tank or damaging the oil tank during work and use;

 4. The raw materials of the crushing tongs have been thoroughly studied: the use of high-hardness and light-weight steel, high strength and wear resistance; processing link: we have summarized experience through the research of most buildings and construction operations, if the jaw teeth of the crushing tongs are made into shapes In this way, the building can be quickly crushed, and the important parts need to be strengthened and wear-resistant treatment.