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Parking skills and safe operation methods for small rollers

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Small rollers are one of many rollers. This type of roller has a relatively small appearance. In order to make this type of roller better use its advantages, you also need to master some of the parking skills of small rollers when parking. Understand, then don’t worry, because next, our manufacturer will tell you about the parking skills of small rollers. I hope you can read it carefully.

1. Parking skills of small rollers:

1. The parking position should be stable. When the small roller stops running, we need to consider the related placement matters-this seemingly simple step will not only affect the next stage of work if you operate it carelessly, but also It may cause some damage to the small roller, so when parking, be sure to choose a flat and stable place to prevent other external forces or careless operation from causing some safety accidents.

2. Precautions for parking on slopes. Generally speaking, small road rollers cannot be parked on slopes. This poses a big threat to later operations and related safety protection.

But sometimes due to other reasons or construction needs, we need to park the small roller on the slope. At this time, the relevant protective measures must be in place. The nailing of the wooden piles must be stable and solid, if it is raining and snowing If it is parked in the weather or winter, the corresponding anti-freezing and anti-skid measures should be taken.

2. Safe operation method of small roller:

1. Remind you that before officially operating the hand-held roller, we need to check whether there are any abnormalities in the relevant operating parts of the hand-held roller, and also observe the surrounding working environment;

Also pay attention to the operation of the corresponding parts of the walk-behind roller, only in this way can you better grasp the overall operation of the walk-behind roller, so as to carry out the corresponding debugging work, pay attention to these to better realize the operation of the walk-behind roller The safety and reliability.

2. It is forbidden to operate the vibrating device during high-speed rolling operation.

3. Remind you that it is strictly forbidden to use the hand-held roller to start vibrating on hard pavement, so as not to damage the vibration damping device or other parts.