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Maintenance rules and skills of mini excavators

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When disassembling and repairing confession and confession, many technical elements must be considered. The degree of wear of each component is related to daily protection, operating skills, working conditions, the quality of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, and the frequency of replacement.

There are two important reasons for judging the wear of the excavator. One is the binding of parts, the shape and specifications of the excavator, and the other is the use and pollution of hydraulic oil. The protection of the machine can be punctual based on working hours.

The excavator repair shop reminds you that it is necessary to strictly abide by the following rules when repairing:

(1) Perform operation inspection and external inspection before disassembly and protection, and make inspection records.

(2) Classify the removed parts and prepare necessary things and spare parts.

(3) In principle, do not disassemble the hydraulic system before observing abnormal phenomena.

Excavator repair

1. Check before you start

Check the coolant level of the excavator (add water);

Check the oil level of the excavator engine and refuel; check the oil level of the excavator (refuel);

Check the V hydraulic oil level (add hydraulic oil); check whether the air filter of the excavator is blocked;

Check whether the excavator wire rope or horn is normal;

Check the smooth condition of the mini excavator bucket;

Check the water and sediment in the excavator's oil-water separator.