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The operation method of the crawler truck manpower starting the diesel engine

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(1) Preparation before starting:

①Comprehensive inspection of the crawler transport vehicle: that is, check the fastening of the fasteners of the diesel engine, turn the decompression handle to decompress the diesel engine or swing the crankshaft, and check whether the moving parts are stuck or abnormal noise; loose Turn on the decompression handle and crank the crankshaft to check whether the cylinder is leaking. The inspection method is: it feels very laborious when turning the crankshaft by hand.

②Check the water in the water tank: add water until the red float head rises to the highest position. If in severe cold winter, slowly add 70~80℃ hot water before starting to preheat the diesel engine. Clean rainwater, snowwater, pond water, river water or lake water that has been precipitated should be used, and dirty or salt-containing water must not be used.

③Inspection of the fuel system of the crawler transport vehicle: whether the fuel in the fuel tank is full; whether the vent on the fuel tank cover is blocked; whether there is oil leakage at the fuel pipes and joints. Loosen the screw on the oil pipe of the fuel injection pump to remove the air in the low-pressure oil circuit; pull up the decompression handle, turn the refueling handle to 1/2 position, swing the crankshaft, and hear the crisp sound of fuel injection.

④ Inspection of the lubrication system of the crawler transporter: pull out the oil dipstick on the crankcase, check the oil storage, the oil trace on the oil dipstick should be between the engraved lines; check whether there are oil leaks in the oil pipes and joints; Raise the decompression handle to turn the crankshaft, and observe whether the oil indicator valve is raised, if it cannot be raised or there is leakage; find the cause and eliminate the fault.

⑥Crawler transport vehicles put the gear lever in the neutral position.

(2) Starting steps:

① Pull the speed control handle of the crawler transporter to the start position of "fuel supply".